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The Three Ages: a Brief History
The world is ancient, but not so old as the timeless and sublime primordials, who birthed the material multiverse and their children, the gods. As they grew in power, the gods challenged the power of the primordials, marking the beginning off the First Age, and the formation of the primary plane: “Essëamar” in Elvish, for they are the ones interested in such things. Legends abound of grand battles waged throughout the cosmos yet centered around Essëamar, which was created as a result of the great war between these titanic forces. After a time, the gods defeated the primordials and banished them to the plane of the Elemental Chaos.

The new order established by the rule of the gods marked the beginning of the Second Age. The gods saw the world as a blank canvas for them to make their mark on, creating life and weaving complex biological and environmental systems in the world. As individual civilizations began to expand and advance, the gods grew weary, and their influence faded. With time, they could no longer fully manifest themselves in Essëamar, and the races continued to grow, unguided by their creators, leading to clashes between kingdoms and wars over culture, and resources. These wars grew to a crescendo that poised all of creation on the brink of annihilation, until the first god, using the last of her power, bathed all of Essëamar in her light, turning the armies of the warring kingdoms to trees, marking the end of the Second Age

With the power of the gods greatly diminished and relative peace, kingdoms of the world began to prosper in the Third Age. Villages became Cities; cultures advanced and diverged; lands were tamed and settled. Near the end of the Second Age and the early Third Age, the Elves, without bloodshed, diverged into three ideological cultures: the forest elves, the moon elves, and the sea elves. At this time, the Kleinkin achieved citizenship in the Heimland of men, and two of the five original Dwarf clans faded into antiquity. As civilizations advanced and exploration became more prominent, much of their home continent of Ennor was mapped, and the sea elves found an mysterious land to the northwest.


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